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Put the word wrap back in your text files

If you have a plain text document that has carriage returns and/or line feeds at the end of each line of text, Word Wrapper will remove them so that you can edit the text in your favorite word processor and the word wrap will work.

WordWrapper is simple and straightforward, but if you work with downloaded text often, it can save you hours of manual labor. Simply copy any unwrapped text into the clipboard, click on Wrap the Clipboard, and paste. Or you can wrap the text in a file by clicking on Wrap a File.... Or you can drag one or more text files onto the Word Wrapper application icon, and new wrapped files will be created with the extension ".wrapped".

WordWrapper is intelligent enough to recognize paragraphs and to leave the carriage returns and/or line feeds where you want them, removing only those that get in the way of word wrapping. It recognizes paragraphs in three ways:
  • more than one carriage return and/or line feed
  • a carriage return and/or line feed followed by a specified number of spaces
  • or a line shorter than a user-specified length

WordWrapper can be run as a regular stand-alone application. Or it can be set to reside in the status bar, where it is always available, and the clipboard can be wrapped with one click.

  • Intelligently removes carriage returns & line feeds.
  • Keeps the carriage returns you want.
  • Option to replace tabs with spaces.
  • Option to remove double spacing.
  • Option to unwrap text, putting carriage returns back at end of lines.
  • Option to remove spaces at beginnings of lines
  • Native Cocoa application that supports OS X 10.4 and greater (Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard).
  • WordWrapper runs in demo mode until it is activated. The demo mode has full functionality, but is limited to text less than 500 characters long.

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