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podcasting is about to happen

Monday, May 30th, 2005

There’s a brilliant article by Rex Hammock over at entitled How Apple will change everything about Podcasting, #2 — How much could Howard Stern make podcasting via iTunes vs. broadcasting via Sirius?. The world of podcasting is about to leap out of the its small pond and into the ocean, or at least the Great Lakes, via Apple’s imminent integration of podcasting into the Apple iTunes Music Store. Disclosure: Rex uses my wife Candace’s podcast, The Nashville Nobody Knows, throughout the article, which only adds to the brilliance of the piece.


Monday, May 9th, 2005

Candace and I had a great time at Blognashville this weekend. It was very exciting actually. Attended by many blogosphere luminaries including, Glenn Reynolds, Dave Winer (creator of the RSS feed), Mark Glaser (main writer for Online Journalism Review), Bill Hobbs, Mark Tapscott (Director of Media and Public Policy at the Heritage Foundation), Dan Gillmor, Ed Cone, Henry Copeland of Blogads, and on and on. A bunch of very geeky, very smart, passionate, adventurous loudmouths. Candace got to say her piece at the podcasting discussion. We both did, but mostly her. And we got to hang out and drink wine at length with Mark Glaser and with Dave Winer, and had a great time talking to Brendan Greely, Mike Kelley, Jim & Lynnette Walczak, Mick Wright, Doug Petch, Nick Levay, and many others . It felt like the old days in what is now Silicon Valley, when microcomputers were young and still in the hands of the community of aficionados. It had that same nerds on acid buzz. Not to imply that anyone there really was on acid.